Taste-e-licious.com Vespa Ciao

Taste-e-licious.com Vespa Ciao

Vespa Ciao is a model of vintage mopeds produced by Piaggio from 1967 through 2006.  The Vespa Ciao Deluxe models came with a leading link front suspension and a turn signal system.  The rear rack mount steel containers housed a 6-volt battery as well as the flasher system for the turn signals.  The Taste-e-licious.com VespaCiao started as a yellow, single speed 1974 VespaCiao Deluxe.

Diana is the owner of Taste-e-licious.com. She is also a member of the Magnetos moped gang in Houston Texas.  Diana owned a Vespa Grande as her first moped another moped produced by Piaggio.  The Grande, as the name implies, felt too large to her.  She wanted a smaller moped that is lighter to handle and ride.  She picked up a VespaCiao in Arkansas from a scooter repair and resale shop.  It was missing the motor, seat, seat pole, headlight, tail light with the rear turn signals, as well as top and side covers.  The spoke wheels were in decent shape but were going to need new inner tubes and tires.

Taste-e-licious.com Vespa Ciao


The VespaCiao fuel tank is together with the frame.  Diana’s husband cleaned and lined the moped tank with a protective coating first.  Then the moped is stripped of its yellow paint after.  The Vespa Caio forks are swapped out for the beefier Vespa Grande forks instead of stock forks.  In addition, snowflake mags transfer over from the Vespa Grande.  The color scheme for the build is a teal color together with pink accents. The frame gets a teal paint job.  The front fender painted teal coupled with pink racing stripes.  Paint stripper removed the paint from the forks as well as the wheels.  Then it was painted pink along with other accents like the pedal crank, lever controls, and rear support brackets.

Diana wanted the moped to resemble a bicycle and additionally enjoys the look of a bicycle with a front basket.  She mounted a basket to a set of BMX handlebars, this also allows for a comfortable riding position.  A Schwinn bicycle seat also adds to the riding comfort.  Vespa moped headlight, cat eye L.E.D. tail light, and Sava white wall tires on the pink rims finally complete the look.

Vespa Ciao Rear Tire

Opening up and removing the rear fender allow for the larger tire to fit.


Diana’s husband uniquely modified small details on the moped.  He chops and rounds off a Vespa Grande front fender and also lowers it to eliminate some space between the front wheel and the fender. Body filler conceals or removes the factory seams and welds uniquely.  All the rust not only is cleaned off of the metal but also polished.  Pink BMX pedals, chain and handlebar grips furthermore add to the color scheme.  Pink mountain bike cables and housing instead of stock cables.  Finally opening up and removing the rear fender allow for the larger tire to fit.


Pink Vespa Ciao Accesories

Pink BMX pedals, chain, and handlebar grips furthermore add to the color scheme. Pink mountain bike cables and housing instead of stock cables.


Her husband transplanted the engine from the Vespa Grande to the VespaCiao.  Before using the engine on the Vespa Ciao, he rebuilt the engine.  He cleaned the engine cases of dirt and grease, then installed a new Mazzucchelli Vespa Piaggio anticipato crank.  He sealed the cases with new gaskets, in addition, the stock top end is exchanged for a DR kit.  A Spaco SHA 13mm carburetor, as well as a Tecno circuit performance exhaust, allow for more power from the DR kit.  A variated transmission is used rather than the VespaCiao single speed transmission.  A Malossi Multivar variator with 6-gram weights and an Olympia three step clutch bell additionally assist with hill climbing and top speed.




Head – Stock Ciao
Kit – DR 43mm/64cc
Crank – Mazzucchelli Vespa Piaggio anticipato
Exhaust – Vespa Piaggio Tecno circuit performance pipe
Carb – Spaco SHA 13mm carburetor
Jetting – 72
Air filter – Vespa Polini hi flow air filter – more air holes drilled
Spark plug – NGK B6HS
Ignition – Stock points
Coil pack – New stock
Spark plug boot – stock metal boot
Variator  – Malossi multivar with 6gr weights not using contra spring, and Olympia three step clutch bell
Clutch – stock

Teal Vespa Ciao