Moped Rich Problems – Discovering the first problem

Moped Rich

What are moped rich problems? First, let’s start with what Moped Rich means to us at  Our definition of moped rich is a person who may not be financially wealthy, but wealthy with vintage mopeds.  Most moped enthusiasts own more than one moped.  There are some enthusiasts that only own one for themselves but it seems the majority own more than one.

Moped Purchases

Mopeds are a blast to ride, and great for tinkering.  If you search well enough, you could purchase a moped at a great deal.  Most vintage mopeds found at the lower end of the price range do not run.  Do not be intimidated of a non-running moped.  Sometimes its simply cleaning the carb, changing the gas, and/or spark plug.  A future post of ours will be a buying guide for those who stumble across this site as a resource.

Moped Enthusiasts

Moped Enthusiasts know how to spot a deal on a moped.  They know what to look for in purchasing and how to value them.  They also know how to repair and rebuild mopeds.  This sometimes leads an enthusiast into becoming a collector. By our definition, a vintage moped collector qualifies as moped rich. Other characteristics we consider as moped rich will be discussed in future posts. We will discuss other characteristics we consider as moped rich in future posts.

With all that we present to you a segment we hope to continue called:

Moped Rich Problems

Moped rich problem number 1.

When you have a collection of many running mopeds, which moped do you choose to take on a ride?  We think of this as a good problem to have.  Moped collectors could relate to the financially rich and wealthy who own a collection of cars themselves.   How do you choose what moped to take to a rally?  Do you go for the best-looking moped?  The fastest moped? The most reliable moped? A moped that has a comfortable ride? This is what I contemplate when opening up the garage before a ride.


Moped Rich Problems 1

Moped rich problem #1
Which moped should I ride today

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