Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm vs Honda Swing-arm Part 1

Honda Hobbit

Our first comparison of the new Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm against the original slightly modified honda hobbit swing-arm/subframe.

The frame arrived nicely wrapped up and packaged from Treatland, great job guys. My first impressions of the frame are that it looks good, it is definitely an improvement on the original swing-arm. I can appreciate the additional or relocated mounts for the ignition coil, shocks, or potential disk brake caliper mount.


Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm vs OEM Swing-arm side views.



They engine mount facing the camera below is the thickest piece of metal on the frame.  It is 11mm thick! Part 2 will have more metal thickness comparison photos.

Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm

They did a great job at keeping the essential mounts and simplifying the design while making the swing-arm more rigid than the original.  There are more welds on the MLM version than the Honda.

The air box is removed but should make carb tuning easier.  One concern here is slinging dirt from the tires to the carb if no fender is used, but that’s where you get creative. Below you can see how the right engine mount is thicker than the rest of the frame.  Side note, it’s not the lens of the camera I used, the right frame is warped/bent.

The lower brace is bigger than the original, this should also help with swing arm twisting.

I will be doing some more testing and comparing of the two and update with my findings.  I tried to compare the weights but the scales I had maxed out at 5 pounds or did not register weight that low.

Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm vs OEM Swing-arm top and bottom views.




    • louhtx 11 January, 2018 at 20:32 Reply

      Apologies for the delay. I have not had time to rebuild my hobbit but I did post more pictures with a comparison of the thickness of the material.

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