Honda Hobbit MLM Swing-arm vs Honda Swing-arm Part 2

Honda Hobbit

Going on almost a year since my initial review on the MLM Honda Hobbit subframe. I apologize for the delay.  I haven’t started on rebuilding my Honda Hobbit PA50II so no update on the way the frame performs.  This update is to show the differences in thickness of the materials used by MLM and the original Honda subframe.

Honda HobbitHonda Hobbit

The top left side of the frames: the original steel in this area is 1.56 mm.  The MLM aluminum is 5.81 mm.


Honda HobbitHonda Hobbit

This is the rear right side of the frame where the wheel mounts.  The original steel measures at 2.98 mm

Honda HobbitHonda Hobbit

Here is another measurement from the rear of the subframes. 3.02 mm for the original and 5.87 mm on the MLM.

Honda Hobbit

The rear shock mount thickness for the MLM is 5.65 mm.  On this frame, the majority of the frame is 5.87 mm thick.  That includes the gold powder coating.


The Hobbit side covers do not fit on the MLM frame.  Plenty of space for a thicker tire in the MLM frame. Planning on building the Hobbit in spring of 2018 and have it for the summer rally season.

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  1. Stan 19 January, 2018 at 11:39 Reply

    Awesome dimensional comparison! Really seems like it would solve all structural performance issues while looking good at the same time. 🙂 I’ll probably end up picking one up this year as well when I build my own Hobbit up! Looking forward to Part III.

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