garelli super sport moped

Alberto Garelli founded Garelli Motorcycles. Manufacturing of Garelli mopeds took place in Italy and then shipped to the United States. One of its vintage moped models is the Garelli SSXL. The “top tank” style moped came equipped with a 49cc horizontal engine. Single and two-speed model engines were available on the Garelli SSXL. Some riders today consider the engine to be dependable. However, other riders dislike the known clutch wear issues.

Jeremy is a member of the Ghost Riders Moped Gang. He had the vision to merge two mopeds he considers to have comparatively beautiful lines, a Garelli Super Sport XL and a Peugeot 103 . The Garelli SSXL coupled with the french Peugeot 103 engine created a new moped in his vision.

garelli ssxl right view



To illustrate his idea of the perfect hybrid, the Garelli receives an SSXL103 badge on the tank. By the same token, he named the build “Cherry Bob-omb”. For a start, the Garelli Super Sport XL and Peugeot 103 mopeds are acquired. Next, the Peugeot 103 subframe and Garelli frame are welded together. Jeremy, at a Chad Burke’s Build and Gather event, powder coats all moped parts beside the frame. Chad Burke’s Build and Gather is  an event where moped enthusiasts assemble at Quarter Kick moped shop for the purpose of building their mopeds.

Most mopeds are small, they are just a bit bigger than a BMX. With that in mind, Jeremy wanted to make the moped as tall as possible but keep the racer stance. Peugeot Technix forks are installed coupled with a front fender that sits snug to its tire. In addition to the forks, a set of Sebac 380mm rear shocks raise the moped height.  

A clubman style handlebar, as well as a 5-inch round headlight, join the forks. Engine temperature is displayed by the mounted Trail Tech digital temperature gauge. Phillip Patrie reupholstered the seat. Louisville Kentucky body shop, KG’s, painted the frame. Lastly red BMX pedals complete the appearance.  


garelli moped rich


The frame looses some original equipment such as fairings and covers. These include two chain guards, engine top cover, rear fender and a body fairing formerly below the seat. An L.E.D tail light replaces the standard tail light mounted to the rear fender.

Attention to detail is apparent in this build as all of the parts removed had tabs used for mounting. Jeremy had the help of moped enthusiast “Jeremy Bandit”.  They removed the mounting tabs and cleaned up welds on the frame prior to painting. Next, the Peugeot 103 frame has the swing arm and mount removed and then welded onto the Garelli frame. The swing arm houses the engine, pulley, pedal crank and rear wheel.


garelli super sport xl left view


Peugeot manufactured many models of mopeds such as the Peugeot 103. The 103 engine has a 49cc displacement and is case inducted and coupled with a reed valve. A variating transmission applies the power to the wheels. The engine is notably popular because of the performance aftermarket parts available. With this in mind, the 103 is a top choice in the world of moped racing.

To begin with, the SSXL103 engine keeps the original Peugeot 103 cases for the rebuild. Then, a Polini cast iron cylinder with a 46mm piston increases the cubic centimeters from 49 to 70. In addition, a Polini 70cc high compression head tops off the Polini cylinder. A larger 19mm intake, Polini Reeds, together with a 21mm Dellorto PHBG carburetor improve the air and fuel mixture. A fitted Motobecane CDI powers the electrical on the 103 engine. A Malossi Multivar variator in addition to the Polini Utah tension engine spring improved the torque and speed. A Doppler ER2 pulley and Doppler performance exhaust pipe sum up the engine build.

Fellow Ghost Rider, Joe Colunga, now owns the SSXL103.


garelli moped



Head – Polini 70cc high compression head with decompression spot plugged
Kit – Polini 70cc
Exhaust – Peugeot Doppler performance exhaust pipe
Intake – 19mm Polini PHBG 2 petal reed block intake
Reeds – Polini reeds
Carb – 21mm Dellorto PHBG
Jetting – 92 main, 55 idle, 60 starter
Air filter – Malossi E12 air filter for Dellorto PHBG
Ignition – Motobecane CDI
Coil pack – moped red external ignition coil
Variator  – Malossi Multivar variator, Doppler ER2 pulley, Polini performance engine tension spring
Clutch – Stock

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